FINE ART PORTRAITS - Starting at $200

WEDDINGS - Starting at $2800

EDITORIALS - Starting at $250

I consider myself a visual storyteller documenting love and life. My aesthetic and approach has evolved from a combination of photojournalism, classic portraiture, and editorial photography to tell your story in an authentic and natural way. I use a myriad of tools (digital and analog cameras) and work to manipulate light to create images that capture the moment, feeling or mood in a beautiful way.  My goal is to produce images that preserve the moments and feelings that weave together to tell the story of you.


Q: Do you shoot film or digital?

The answer is both.

I have been shooting film for the past couple of years and I have fell in love with the process of creating images in the medium. Film images have such an organic look to them that digital just can’t replicate, plus it lends itself to creating a more timeless image. All portrait, branding, and editorial work are shot on film.

I still shoot weddings with digital cameras to allow me to quickly react to events of the day.  I will also typically try to shoot some images (1-2 rolls) on film sporadically through the day with one of my film cameras.

Q: What type of camera bodies do you work with? 

I use a combination of cameras depending on the commission. For my film work my workhorses are my Nikon 35mm film cameras and Mamiya medium format camera, however, I also shoot with a Yashica TLR medium format camera, a Holga, a Polaroid SX-70, and a Fuji Instax. For weddings I shoot with professional Nikon digital DSLR cameras and a selection of Nikon lenses.

Q: How many images should I expect from my session?

For a studio session generally expect ~50 images and for a lifestyle session ~100. For weddings I generally deliver ~100 images per hour of coverage.

Q: Do you provide only color photos or black and white as well?

In general I shoot most sessions primarily on color film and shoot one roll of B&W, however, B&W images are some of my favorites.  Because of this I offer the option to do sessions completely in B&W film.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

Online galleries are available generally 3 weeks after the session and proof prints are in the mail 4 weeks following the session. For weddings images are ready for online proofing 4- 6 weeks after your wedding day.

Q: What are proof prints?

All portrait and editorial commissions include proof prints. These are 4x6 prints that allow you to “proof” your images. In this digital age we have gotten so use to seeing everything on a screen but physical proofs gives you an idea of what the image will look like in print.  To me it brings back the memories of going through prints after getting film back from the lab. 

Q: What products do you offer?

I encourage all my clients to preserve their memories in some tangible way and I offer fine art museum quality prints, heirloom quality albums, and presentation boxes.