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I consider myself a visual storyteller, documenting stories of the people I meet and providing a view into how I see the world. My aesthetic and approach is grounded in the idea of simple authentic images created through the capture of light and shadow on the medium of film.

With love and light,


Photo courtesy of Isabel March Photography

Photo courtesy of Isabel March Photography

The Highlights

Homebase : Philadelphia

Sidekick : Fluffy rag doll cat Anastasia Romanov

Retreat : A fluffy bed with crisp white linen and a good book

Soundtrack : Sixteen Candles Soundtrack

Movie : Godfather & Dracula (Coppola all the way)

Obsessions : Paper, handbags, and anything gold

Best fashion accessory : Well done manicure

Indulgence : Macaroons

Inspiration : People and art

 Wildest Dream : Take a year off and travel around the world

Favorite Book : Little Women

My Passion : Being a better person today than I was yesterday| 267.809.4513