Vinales Cuba Tobacco Farm – Film

“…from the big tobacco barns there welled forth a fragrance that was for these Kentuckians, the soul of autumn. Oozing out into the sunshine from every crack in the great structures, it exhilarated like an elixir, like a long draught of some rich, spicy wine.”
― Edith Summers Kelley, Weeds

I am finally making it through my images from my ~2 week stay in Cuba. I will be blogging them sporadically so as not to overwhelm both blog readers and myself. While there I shot 90% of my images in film, with a combination of 35mm, polaroid, and instax. I borrowed a digital camera from one of my travel companions and shot digital only twice in 12 days.

The images in this post were all shot with the Nikon F100 on Kodak Porta 400 and Kodak 400 Tmax. All developed and scanned by TheFindLab.


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