Save Family Photos

The story behind this photo of my mother was recently featured by Save Family Photos. I share with you the story here and it demonstrates the power of a single printed image.

Diane Young

I think that maybe, just maybe, the prevalence of cameras and images in our lives has somewhat devalued the experience of getting your photo taken.

This is my mother as a teen in Philadelphia. I wanted to know what she was thinking about when the image was taken. So I took the time to ask her.

I found out that the photo is from June 1966, on the day of her Junior High graduation.

She is wearing a shirtwaist dress in a pastel color (per requirements of her school). She said she chose yellow with a matching yellow hair ribbon.

My mother and her best friend Shirley (who I remember from my childhood) went to the Penny Arcade on Market Street in Philadelphia and they each had their photo taken in this photo booth.

Knowing that this is just a photo-booth image taken by mother to commemorate a rite of passage in her life makes it even more special because of its simplicity.

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