Moist Cakey Goodness & Confectionary Delight


This past weekend I went up to NYC to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends. Since it had been a while since we had both spent anytime in Manhattan we decided to just walk around and visit random spots. Well after spotting people with Sprinkles and Laduree bags I knew that somehow these yummy stores would have to be on our path:)

AND OMG!  I was in heaven.

Being the cake snob pleasing me with cake is very hard to do, but I will go out on a limb and say that Sprinkles has some of the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life! They have the perfect balance of cake to icing ratio, the cake is rich moist and flavorful, and you can absolutely tell they use quality ingredients. I also like the fact that they keep the cupcakes at room temperature and not in a refrigerator so they are ready to eat upon buying. I am lucky Philly doesn’t have a location because I would be in there 24/7.

Laduree was another unexpected stop. They recently opened on the Upper East side their first US location. I had heard all the hype about them on Twitter from folks who had gone to their store in Paris and I wanted to know if they could live up to it. LE SIGH … They were heavenly. Melt in your mouth heavenly.A delicate ballet that dances on your tongue. Just put me down as a new fan. And if you are a packaging nut like me you will just go for their lovely bags and boxes.

All photos done with the iPhone 4 via Instagram

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