A great addition to the camera bag

I actually saw one of these last year when I was second shooting but at the time it didn’t register to me the usefulness of a multimedia storage device. Then at the end of last season I saw that another photographer friend of mine had one and then the light went off in my little head. (Finally the gerbil started running on it’s little wheel!) This would be awesome for not only downloading my second shooter’s cards at the end of the evening but also a great way for me to temporarily back up files while traveling or until I can dump my cards on my external hard drive.

The multimedia device I have is a Wolverine that I purchased from B&H and it holds 160GB. That’s a lot of pics folks. It is also able to hold video, songs, and even has games, but my main use is for downloading my cards or my second shooter’s at the end of a gig. If you are a wedding photog or someone traveling and expecting to take a lot of pics I can’t recommend this enough.


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