Looking through a new eye

Even before I took up photography I would take pictures of my garden in its various forms of bloom throughout the spring and summer. Well after years of taking pics of the same flowers, my beauty and appreciation of the glory of mother nature has not faded but it has gotten  harder to capture them in a new and exciting way. I guess that is the challenge to every photographer is how to make something you’ve seen a million times look fresh and exciting.  Making the mundane special. Making the one in a crowd standout. Capturing the essence of a something fleeting and ordinary into something eternal and special. (Hmmm  maybe no more late night posts, I tend to ramble and get all psdeu deep)

So I am challenging myself  this summer with my garden to capture what maybe my last year of enjoying my beatiful blooms (fingers crossed) with a different eye.

Here is the first in the series and it’s a photo of my twice blooming white irises.



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